We are excited to announce that the House of Bankerd State of the Arts Podcast debuted on 9/20/2016! The purpose of our podcast is to promote the arts in the state of Maryland, to inform, educate, and entertain our listeners with interviews featuring local artists, directors, comedians, artisans, musicians, and others associated with the arts community. Our first interview was with theatre actor/director John Desmone, who just directed his 100th show! John spoke about highlights of his career, memories of favorite shows, told stories of adventures (and misadventures) that happened during a few of his shows, and some of his favorite students from his days as a second grade teacher!

Our podcast is hosted by House of Bankerd, Inc. Board Members Lance Bankerd and Mike Barton, edited and engineered by Heiko Spieker, with special help from our intern, Emily Garcia.

Our podcast can be found on buzzsprout.com and is available on iTunes!

Lance preparing to interview a guest






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